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What is a Reiki Sound Healing Session?

Sound creates a space with a frequency and vibration that is conducive for healing, and has been used as a healing tool in various cultures for thousands of years.

In a Reiki Sound Healing session, Elaine uses her six crystal singing bowls (a Crystal Tones Tanzanite Alchemy bowl, a Heart Chakra Quartz bowl, a Crystal Tones Yagna Alchemy bowl, a Crystal Tones Citrine Alchemy bowl, a Crystal Tones Diamond Alchemy™ bowl, and a Crystal Tones Ruby Alchemy™ bowl) to give an intuitive 15 minutes sound healing, followed by a 1 hour Reiki session.

During the 15 minutes sound healing, the crystal singing bowls will be played in symphony, and may be followed by one or a few of the bowls being sounded directly over different points of the body, if Elaine is intuitively called to do so. The pure therapeutic sound and healing frequencies from the crystal bowls facilitate shifts in the physical and energetic body, and helps open the body to a deeper and more profound Reiki session.

*A Reiki Sound Healing session consists of a 15 min intuitive Sound healing and a 1 hour Reiki session.

*1 hour and 15 min Reiki sound session, but please set aside additional 30 min or so for debrief and discussion


Book a Reiki Sound Healing Session

Reiki Sound Healing sessions are done at OneHeart Centre, 37 Tembeling Road, or can be arranged as house visits. Reiki Sound Healing sessions are not applicable for hospital visits.

The calendar below shows Elaine’s availability for Reiki Sound Healing sessions at OneHeart Centre.

Slots marked ‘Available’ are sessions available for booking at OneHeart Centre. To book a session, please complete the form below indicating your preferred appointment time, or send a text to 9488 2454.

Rates: Additional $30 on top of cost of Reiki session, per session*,

*Cost of Reiki sessions for reference: $150 for one hour Reiki session, $390 for package of 3 sessions. Reiki Sound Healing sessions are an additional $30, per session, on top of these rates.


House visits

The same rates above apply. Transport fee of $30/$40/$50 per session is chargeable for house visits (hospital visits not applicable for Reiki Sound healing), depending on location; if you are located in the far north/south/west (e.g. Woodlands/Dover/Buona Vista/Jurong/Boon Lay/Bukit Timah) transport will be at $40 due to distance. House visits at Sentosa has a transport fee of $50, due to distance and toll.

If you like to arrange for a house visit, please indicate in the comments in the form or in your text, together with your preferred time, and we will revert on availability.

If you have any additional questions and wish to speak with Elaine, you may contact her @ 94882454.


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