“I have practiced and received Reiki for over 10 years in the UK, Australia and Singapore. Elaine is one of the most gifted, intuitive healers I have ever met and she is a beautiful person to go with it. Her sessions make me feel like a new person again and I usually leave them with an entirely different and refreshing perspective on my life and where it is currently at. She is an amazing teacher too, with much patience and insight. If I had to learn Reiki all over again it would be with Elaine.” – Claire Rutherford


“I’ve been receiving Reiki from Elaine for a couple of years now and every session is a beautiful experience! She encouraged me to complete the Reiki one level and I feel she has helped add something special into my life. Recently she has introduced crystal bowl sound therapy which just adds to the magical feeling I am left with. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!” – Victoria P.


“Elaine Yang was recommended by a friend whose son had suffered from a concussion and Reiki helped alleviate his headaches. At the time, I had just left the company where I had worked 14 years and was suffering from physical and mental exhaustion and an overall lack of energy. Elaine gave me 3 healing sessions and after the first one I already started feeling the difference. Her friendly, warm manner and intuitive powers while performing the healing were amazing. 

Elaine recommended that, rather than only come to her for healing, I should learn Reiki for myself as anyone can learn it and you carry it with you where ever you go. I completed my Usui Reiki 1 training at the end of October and use Reiki every day not only for myself but also for my family. For anyone looking for a holistic form of healing I can highly recommend Reiki because once you have Reiki you never lose it. An added bonus is if you get your first healing session with Elaine and then follow her Reiki training. – Gita


“My child has attention deficit, and anxiety issues. Recently, due to increasing difficulty in school work, his anxiety and nervousness became worse. I brought him to Elaine for healing, and was very glad to see him relaxed and interacting well with Elaine in just the first session. Elaine is very kind and patient with him. My child took to the healing well, and was more relaxed and happy in the weekend that followed. I found to my astonishment that I too was able to gain from the healing just by being in the same room as my child. While I was there, my mind uncluttered, and I felt at ease and less troubled. And this lasted for the rest of the day, which is amazing because I usually brood and worried over the slightest things. My sincere thanks to Elaine for opening my eyes and heart to this new way of life. I definitely will be following up with her workshops and future healings.” – Ann


“I first went to Elaine for a healing session shortly after I started chemotherapy for cancer. I’ve just completed 6 months of chemotherapy and Reiki sessions with Elaine has helped me through this energetically as well as psychologically. Elaine is like a friend and teacher all in one who keeps guiding, grounding and encouraging me for personal growth and teaching me how to practice self compassion. I really appreciated the house visits with crystal baths and Reiki when I was physically too ill to go anywhere. I am also glad to have completed the Reiki 1 workshop with her as I continue on to grow and and learn on this journey of life.” – Juliana


“During my two pregnancies I was looking for some therapy that would help me cope physically and mentally and I approached Elaine. It proved a very good choice and was very happy with her services and the fact the she could come to my house was an added bonus. She is really helpful in getting your insights to surface and after the sessions always felt more rested and centred. I would recommend Reiki to anyone for managing stressful times.” – Lucia Luchetti


“My research into holistic healing led me to Reiki. I contacted Elaine Yang for a Reiki session, curious but not knowing what to expect. When Elaine started the Reiki treatment, I immediately felt a warmth pass through me. By the end of it, I felt rested and relaxed. After I finished my third session, I knew that I wanted to learn Reiki so that I would be empowered to practice Reiki on myself and my loved ones.

Elaine was articulate and engaging in conducting the workshop. I appreciated how she did not impose her beliefs upon those of us who were attending the workshop. Instead, she spoke from the heart and that itself was more convincing than trying to force the truth of Reiki onto me.

Throughout the sessions and Reiki 1 Workshop, I was impressed by Elaine’s professionalism, cheerfulness and ability to explain complicated concepts in an easily understandable way. I enjoyed learning Reiki and intend to pursue Reiki Level 2 in the future. Thank you, Elaine!”Lavan Nathan


“The Reiki workshop was very enjoyable and insightful. I enjoyed learning about your sharing of Reiki healing stories which made Reiki easier to understand. You have a lovely patient and encouraging manner which made learning easy.” – Rachel Guest


“Just over six months ago my wife introduced me to Reiki as a means to help fight a life threatening disease. We had heard wonderful things about Reiki from a close relative who had undergone a similar experience to my own. I was, however, sceptical. Six months on, I am not only devoted believer in Reiki as a healing art, but my illness is in full retreat. What began as a desperate fight against an insidious disease has become a way of life.

 It is hard to explain or even rationalise how Reiki works its way through my body, safe to say that I come out of every session feeling better in myself, more relaxed and alive. The naysayers may suggest that this is all in the mind, but I know this not to be true – for I have experienced dazzling lights before my eyes and red hot heat emanating from the areas where the disease was most prevalent. I know Reiki works – it is as simple as that.

Of course, any discipline is only as good as the practioner and I have been extremely fortunate to find a Reiki practioner as skilled and committed to the art as Elaine. I would, without reservation, recommend Elaine to anyone who is thinking of trying Reiki for themselves.” – Peter Tillman


“It was difficult to describe the state I was in. It was a feeling of being lost, and nothing seemed to be progressing or moving.

These culminated to physical manifestation of frustration, fatigue and inability to summon energy to do things.
Hoping that this cycle be broken, I therefore sought help from Elaine.

After going through several sessions of Reiki therapy under Elaine, I noticed a significant change.
There was first and foremost, clarity. Then there was calm and perspective. Physical symptoms also became lighter.
It has been several months since the therapy sessions and these positive effects are still present.

I am grateful to have met Elaine and received guidance and healing through those difficult times.” – Francis Lee


“13 years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since then, my life has been like a roller coaster. There were times when I was bedridden. I became emotionally unstable. I easily get upset, I worry unnecessarily, overthinking became a habit and I hardly sleep well. Though I have attained lots of success in this material world, I am still unhappy within. There are lots of activity going on in my head.

I found out about Reiki online and it has led me to you. During the first healing session, I was skeptical, uncertain if this is going to work. But after the first session, I left the centre feeling emotionally lighter. The joint pain lessen. At the end of the 3rd session, I am a much happier person. I laugh a lot more and I look at things from a totally different perspective.

I do not know how to express the greatness of Reiki healing but I am grateful that I tried it out. I would like to thank you for all that you had done. You are a great listener and a caring person. Your sincerity in delivering your work truly makes a lot of difference.

I highly recommend anyone to try Reiki with Elaine.” – Nina. S 


The last year has been a very strange year. I felt oppressed by a feeling I couldn’t quite define. Some things had changed and others had gone missing. I felt lost with no idea on where I was and most of all, without knowing where to go. I felt the sadness of not having a place to go, and this affected all my daily life. All slowed down and lost meaning. I had no aim.

I got to know about Reiki by chance and was immediately drawn to it. I had never tried healing practices before but it sounded interesting. I felt a strong change from the first session. I needed to know that what I had was still there buried inside me. This helped me to have once again a direction

I feel I have started a journey, and am more aware now, and everything seems more clear and simple. By the end of these three weeks, during which I had 3 Reiki sessions with Elaine, I moved into a new residence, had a boyfriend, and met many new people. It was all around me for a long time but it was very easy for me to make these decisions now. I still believe there is lots to do, but having a direction don’t make me feel lost anymore and helps me have a positive attitude in my daily life.”
– Cecilia Panerai


Elaine Victoria Yang is my Reiki 1 and 2 teacher. Meeting her and having her to impart her knowledge and experience to me is something I am extremely grateful of. She changed my life with her subtle wise advices, the positive energy she displays. Elaine also remains readily available to guide me along whenever I have questions, self-doubts, as well as tips on using Reiki to improve my wellbeing.

My journey in Reiki with Elaine and the Reiki Centre has helped me to understand myself better, to understand the flow of energy, and also to better manage my mood and stress level. 2 years on, I have since learnt how to be more grateful in even the simple things in life, have a more positive outlook as well as a calmer disposition. I am, extremely grateful to have discovered Reiki.

And I definitely won’t hesitate recommending Reiki to others! Which I did! 🙂 – Kuang Shee Li


“I first met Reiki Master Elaine Yang in Jul 2014 for reiki treatment. Not too long after the treatment I decided to take up the Reiki class.

Ms Elaine Yang is such a wonderful lady with full of energy and passionate in what she is doing.

I am very grateful that I had met her. Since then my life has changed. Reiki has helped me sleep better at night. I now feel more positive and calmer. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to share the healing and peace of Reiki with my loved one and friends.

I just done my Reiki Level 2 in Feb 2016 with Reiki Master Elaine Yang.
And I am looking forward to Reiki Level 3 with her again.” – Geraldine Tan. SL


After learning Reiki and practicing it on myself, I could really feel, see and intuit the benefits. Its been a tremendous pleasure for / on myself! My sciatica from my 2 toes are lifted!! One more toe to go!  Right now, I am floating on air and thanks so much for encouraging me.” – Rita S.


“Recently, I was feeling down due certain issues in my life and found it hard to let it go of things. Reiki came up on some forums I was on, and I decided to try out Reiki healing sessions with Elaine. I didn’t expect much from the first session but I actually felt emotionally better. After that session, i felt a sense of release, and I was really amazed. During the second healing session, I felt my abdominal area getting hot, and after the heat went away, i feel much lighter than before. After the third session, I felt much more at peace and happier, and even my husband, who don’t believe in such things, noticed the shift in me. There is a lot more clarity and self-awareness now – am more aware of my inner thoughts and acknowledging the good qualities in myself.

I have since complete Reiki level 1 with Elaine, and have been doing my self-treatments! Thank you Reiki, and thank you Elaine! ” – Ann Toh


“Reiki with Elaine was a very wonderful experience! She is very caring and supportive. After initially working through some physical challenges, Elaine then worked closely with me to clear the emotional baggage that has been ‘clogging’ my system. I felt more energetic after each session, and have continued to experience a sense of calm and well-being.– Emma Norton


I went for Reiki treatments following significant stress at my office. Not only has Reiki helped me to overcome my stress, it has also rebalanced my whole life and feelings. It was definitely a turning point for me.

In this process, Elaine has been an extremely diligent practitioner, taking time to fully explain prior to the sessions and to debrief after each treatment. Everything is organized to keep people at ease in a relaxing environment.

As a result, following the 3-session treatment, I decided to learn Reiki during a 2-day training provided by Elaine. This intensive training is very well-structured, guiding new practitioners step by step.” – Stephane


“Thank you for your time and patience during the 3 Reiki healing sessions. I was carrying some emotional baggage and was feeling stressed and tense before, but with each session I felt more relaxed and have been sleeping better at night! I will continue to practice Reiki more regularly as well.” – Sandra Leong


“I came to Elaine with complaints of pain and sleeping problems.  She explained Reiki to me clearly, gave me a debrief after every session and discussed with me what the ‘hot spots’ may mean to me. After the first session the pain eased considerably, and I slept like a baby. The sessions with Elaine gave me comfort and made me calm.  I have completed three sessions now, and am going for another three. Thank you Elaine!” – Suci Ramadhany


Not long ago, I was depressed over some issues in my life for half a year, and desperately needed some help. Chanced upon Reiki, I decided to seek Elaine for reiki healing sessions. During the first session, I felt a sense of self-forgiveness. This was something which was  never easy for me before, as I was a perfectionist and always very harsh on myself. After that session, I felt my energy restored, which brought back the courage and motivation to deal with my life again. I was amazed by this, because for the past 6 months, no matter how much I rested and slept, I still felt tired both emotionally and physically. For the second healing session, I went through an “emotional detox”. Feelings of anger, and grievances which I had bottled up for a long time, surfaced. It felt light and great after the “detox”. It calmed me down tremondously. At the third session, I felt happiness, or should I say, peaceful bliss. Since then, I have learned reiki for myself, and have been practising reiki everyday. I know I am a changed person now, balanced,  and have more inner peace and insight to my own life. Thank you, Reiki!” – Joanne Thia


Over a month ago, my father was told he needed to go through a heart bypass operation,  and was admitted in hospital. He was upset and anxious, and wasn’t able to sleep well while waiting for his scheduled operation.  I learned from a good friend that Reiki can help my father to be less stressed and thus can help him to be more relaxed, so I engaged Elaine’s help. As there was a limit to visitors allowed, I opted for distance Reiki healing for him. After the first session, he became much calmer and was feeling less anxiety; he was also able to sleep better.

After his heart operation, he was in the Critical Care Unit for 3 days and as visitors were strictly limited, he had 3 more distance healing sessions. He was discharged just 6 days after his operation, and is recovering well now.

Thanks again Elaine for your help!
Jocelyn Ong 


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